Saturday, March 31, 2007

State Farm 10 Mile Race

State Farm 10 Mile Race

I ran the State Farm 10 Mile Race this morning. It was my first non-marathon race in over 15 years. I picked up Kurt early in the morning and we headed to Lincoln. A heavy rain the night before soaked the limestone Mo-Pac trail. Kurt, who is legally blind, was not able to run because of the soft trail and the puddles. I enjoyed his company and his wise advice. Kurt is on the the fastest blind runners in the country.

My goal was to run sub 6:00 minute miles. I started out well below that pace. My final time was 58:59, but the woman at the turnaround point was in the wrong spot. My GPS had the course at 9.65 miles - so my pace was 6:06 per mile. I placed 11 out of 589 finishers and won my age group (35 to 39). My mile splits were: 5:47, 5:59, 5:49, 5:54, 6:10, 6:06, 6:24, 6:30, 6:34, 3:45 (.65 miles - about 5:37 pace). The heavy traffic made the trail really soggy and slow between miles 6 to 9 (it was an out and back course). The last mile was on the cement and I was able to pick up the pace a little bit. I pushed it pretty hard, but didn't go all out. I am saving that for Boston in two weeks.

It was a fun morning. I was covered in mud by the end of the race and needed a long shower when I got home.

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