Monday, September 10, 2007


My work schedule is little on the hectic side right now. We are trying to move from Russell Middle School to Millard West High School this coming weekend. A few details are involved. You all know how much I love details. Add my wife's always busy schedule, a first grade boy, and a 8 month old who just started crawling last week and doesn't like to sleep at night and all the sudden I find myself trying to find time to run.

Another perfect night for a run. 10 easy miles with Julia in 1:13:02. Mostly at Zorinsky. We ran up the quarter mile hill a couple times (I won once and she won once), raced up the steep dirt hill (I won), raced over the flat section of the little damn (she won), and ran (not raced) through the Reserve neighborhood (nice little houses there).

Julia is probably the most gifted runner I know. She is better at the shorter, fast stuff. I tend to be better over the long haul. I had fun racing her tonight. It was like two kids playing together.

Like praying, playing is something that is good for us, but we probably neglect it more than we should. It might be running, playing chess, pulling weeds, fixing a car, or about a million other things. God tells us to rest and to be still. I think what He is really telling us is to play, have fun, enjoy life.

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