Friday, September 14, 2007

Clay County Fair

The family and I woke up at my mom's house in northwest Iowa and were greeted by the coldest day of the year. We went to the Clay County Fair, a family tradition since 2000. Along with well over 300,000 other people (not bad for a city of about 10,000 people) we had a blast. Even in the cold -- 45 degrees and windy. Here are Benjamin and I riding the Farris Wheel.

We had a great day as far as eating goes. I had a pork tenderloin sandwich smothered with onions and mayonnaise, french fries, a root beer, a dozen Tom Thumb donuts, a few chocolate chip cookies, and an extra large Gyro before we hit the road.

Benjamin rode on a couple dozen rides. We checked out the cows, pigs, sheep, and horses. We also spent some time in the train place, walking through the exhibits, and seeing old friends. What a great day! David wasn't quite as thrilled as the rest of us, but he had fun too.

Not much running today. 7 miles easy in the cold.

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