Sunday, September 9, 2007


Happy first birthday to The Water's Edge today. We had a great birthday bash. You can listen to my sermon about risk.

Here was my column this morning:

As a father, one of my great joys in life has been watching my two sons grow up. At six years old, Benjamin is in first grade. He now has spelling tests and loves playing chess. It is hard to believe David is eight months old. He just started crawling last week which now provides many interruptions to the chess battles that Benjamin and I have. I enjoy this time in their lives and I know I will love watching them grow up.

It has been that way with The Water’s Edge as well. I remember the second Sunday. We maybe had 100 people here if you counted a few of us a few times. AJ was a one man band. Our volunteers were stretched way too thin. A year later, we have almost tripled in size, outgrown our worship space, and will be moving soon. Our band is like six or seven times bigger and will be moving with us. More people every week are discovering the joys of serving and being connected. Each week I hear stories from people whose lives are changing. I am so grateful for so many people.

Our Leadership Team has been at this for more than one year. In addition to your full-time jobs and families, you have made serving God through the local church a top priority in your lives. Most of all I am thankful for your friendship.
Our small group leaders, hosts, and participants who make a commitment each week to grow in the journey with Christ. Starting next week we will begin a small group emphasis. I encourage all of us to be part of a small group.
Our many people who serve on ministry teams. Without you, Sunday mornings @ The Water’s Edge would not be possible.
Our set-up and tear-down crew. Many of you are here at 9:00 on Sunday mornings and don’t leave until after noon. Your sweat on our behalf doesn’t go unnoticed.
To all who have invited guests. I am so grateful that you are sharing your faith.
To the band who plays every week. All of us are not only grateful for your music, but your commitment as well.
To our sound and media guys. You all do such a great job with the limited time and the challenging space that you have to work with.
To our new people. You are the reason why we are here.
To those who attend on Sunday mornings. I am always humbled by your presence. I pray our worship experiences have made you a better person and have moved you closer to God.
To all those who give, serve, and pray. You are the reason we are thriving.

I can’t wait to see what God is going to do during the next year with The Water’s Edge and with each of us.

Easy run tonight with Julia. Once around the lake. 7.4 miles in 55 minutes. We started in the light and finished in the dark. Great run to end a busy day.

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