Friday, September 28, 2007

Doing a Wedding With My Eyes Dilated

No running today. No time. Just as well. My legs will appreciate the rest as I have a race tomorrow.

I had lots of work to do this morning. Two friends and I flew to North Platte where I am getting Lasik surgery on Tuesday. It was a great day to fly. They always have fresh chocolate chip cookies at the North Platte airport. I had three of them.

I generally prefer going to the dentist more than I do the eye doctor. I don't know if that makes me weird or not. I don't mind reading charts, but I don't do well with the other tests. The doctor dilated my eyes as part of the tests. I couldn't read, the sun was about ten times as bright as usual, and everything was blurry. I slept on the flight home.

After we landed, I had an hour before a 5:00 wedding I was performing. My eyes just weren't recovering. I led the groom and his boys into the wedding. I looked down at my script and it was pretty blurry. Having dyslexia, I have enough trouble reading the way it is. I couldn't see enough to read. The wedding turned out great. I spontaneously prayed most of the prayers, didn't use my notes during the sermon, and stumbled through the Bible readings. I had the rest of the ceremony pretty much memorized as I have done about 20 weddings this year.

Despite the impaired vision of the pastor--the marriage is off to a good start. I pray for them years of faithfulness and fruitfulness.

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Anonymous said...

good luck tuesday, my grandfather said "I would rather get my cataracts removed than go to the dentist anyday"!!!