Friday, July 6, 2007

Seven Really Good Reasons Not To Trust Lonnie Gibson

I had a bad start to the run this morning. I forgot my watch, beverages, and hat. Thankfully Machelle shared her Go Grape Cytomax with me. We did 18 miles with Christy, Melissa, and Robert. Paul joined us for about 7 and Maureen ran with us for a few miles.I stopped and talked to some people from my church for a couple minutes -- so I did about a 2 mile tempo run between 11 and 13 miles to catch the rest of the group.

And now for the more important topic of the day: seven clear and compelling reasons not to trust Lonnie Gibson:

  1. She always pays for everything with cash.
  2. She always sits in the same chair in worship every week.
  3. She changes the oil in her mini-van more than once a year.
  4. She gets stuff done well in advance of deadlines.
  5. She sits amongst one of the great Bible teachers of her era and is only able to learn 7 things from him in two years.
  6. She always has an updated proof of insurance card with her so if she gets pulled over the police will not be suspicious. Could she be hiding something?
  7. She is named after her uncle.

Why else should we not trust Lonnie?


Anonymous said...

The main reason I find to not trust Lonnie Gibson is that she likes you well enough to not only read your blog regularly, but to comment on it all the time! She likes you!

Diane Muir said...

Oh, and she thinks enough of you to roast the heck out of you!

Anonymous said...

Lonnie's husband is a high ranking Air Force official you know. I think she's a spy and is not to be trusted. Keep up the good work Craig!

Craig Finnestad said...

Anonymous -

Interesting theory. Using that same logic, you like me as well.

Craig Finnestad said...

Diane -

The girl does give a good roast; I will at least give her credit for that.

Craig Finnestad said...

Tracy -

I think you are on to something and thanks for the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Craig…you know, upon reflection, I now realize that I have learned more than just 7 things: #8- Applying gel to one’s hair means you meant for it to look like that. #9- If you talk publicly about the lack of intelligence in Alabama, you will IMEDIATELY meet someone from Alabama! #10 – They do make blogs that allow one to retroactively post several days (even weeks!) worth of stuff so that it appears that one is actually keeping up with one’s journaling. #11- I have learned that you can be mentioned in your blog more than once without having to wear skimpy clothing.(and I think we are all grateful for that) #12- I have learned that Craig can take a 4 week small group study and cram it in to 3 months! #13- That you would actually buy something called salmon hot dogs, eat them, and then be surprised that they tasted fishy! Oh the things I have learned from you Craig…and with each passing day, I am sure I will learn more. I sit at your feet awaiting those pearls of wisdom…

Anonymous said...

I've got news for you Lonnie...those AREN'T pearls...