Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July -- from the Finnestads. As you can see from above, David is real enthusiastic.

We went to Amber's parent's house tonight to blow up some fireworks and to watch them. We stopped at "our" bean field on the way over there. Benjamin and I inspected the crops that we planted about six weeks ago. It is a nice looking crop this year, but we could use some rain very soon.

I ran a 3 mile race this morning in Ralston as part of their Independence Day celebration. This is a really cool race--besides the weather anyway. Totally low-key and old school. There were probably about 150 runners in the 3 mile race. I liked the course because it is all hills. Not a flat section to be found. It was very warm and humid at 8:00 a.m.
I started off pretty conservative, as usual. I moved up to third place by the 1 mile mark. A long downhill at the end of the first loop took its toll on my lower back (that I just had worked on Monday), so I didn't push it too hard the second loop. I don't need to miss any training for the Twin Cities Marathon at this point. I was gaining on the two leaders at the end of the race, but finished probably about 15 seconds behind the winner and 5 seconds behind the runner-up. I'll have to settle for third place for the second straight week.
Benjamin and David were in the Harrison Woods parade this morning. Benjamin's John Deere Gator and David's L.L. Bean stroller were all decorated in red, white, and blue.
We then went over to a party at some friend's from our church. It was good food and fun times. We then went swimming in the pool across the street.
Religious, political, and economic freedom have all come at a price. Thanks to all those who have fought and are fighting to preserve these gifts for us. Thanks to their families as well -- your sacrifice is real.
Spiritual freedom also comes at a price. Thanks to the One who gives us freedom from sin and death.

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