Monday, June 25, 2007


I usually enjoy Mondays. If I get a day off -- this is usually it. I started the day running with Kurt. We were out very early which was good because it warmed up fast. We ran 12 miles at an easy pace. He is running in a 5K race for blind runners this weekend in Atlanta. He is in great shape and should be good to go!

I picked up the house a little bit while the boys took a nap. Then we went swimming later in the afternoon. After Amber got home from work, we went to see her dad who is having heart surgery in the morning.

I remember looking at the boys when they were taking a nap. I thought about sleep. Both the good and the bad need sleep. We all sleep with the innocence of a child. The old and young, the rich and poor, and the good-looking and not-so-good-looking all have a serenity of a lone tree on top of a rolling hill on the prairie during a calm sunny day. We give up being in charge of much of anything and we can control almost nothing.

Sleep is probably best thought of as a rehearsal for our final resting place. The moment in time when we trust in the divine benevolence of God who gives us eternal serenity, hope, and strength

Here is a picture of David resting. As your can see and as you know, rest is a beautiful thing. And we all need it. I got some of it today.

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