Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nothing Else Really Matters

When I was a seminary student at Emory University, a professor told us a story of a final exam he once gave for a Christian History class. The test was one question: "Name the most important event in the history of Christianity and explain why you believe this was the most significant event." Pages could be written on the invention of the printing press, the Protestant Reformation, the Council of Nicea, the early Methodist movement in England, and others. He said that the most interesting answer (and the best answer) he ever received was only two sentences and took up only two lines in a booklet made for a sixteen page essay: "The resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without this, nothing else really matters." The student received an "A".

Without the resurrection of Jesus, nothing else really matters. For billions of Christians throughout the world, life will never be the same again. Come to think of it, neither will death. I don't fully comprehend the resurrection, but in faith I believe that Jesus rose from the dead with new life in him. I was not there to see the resurrection any more that I was awake to see the sun rise this morning, but I believe in the resurrection of the Son that has flooded the world with love as much as I believe that the sun rose this morning and has flooded the world with light.

As I was reading the resurrection story in the Bible this morning (Matthew 28), I remembered that without the resurrection nothing else really matters. The resurrection makes us better today and gives us life forever. What a gift!

I did a rare double workout today. I ran with Maureen this morning. About 8 miles at just over 8 minutes per mile. I think she might be pregnant, so I didn't press the pace. Kurt and I ran just over 6 miles in the evening at just under 8 minutes per mile. I was tired and it was hot, so I couldn't really push the pace. Two nice runs with two nice people.

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