Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Big Dave

My father-in-law had his surgery today. It appears that everything went well. He has some recovery time in front of him, but has started the journey. Thanks to all for your prayers and please continue to remember Dave and our family in your prayers in the days in weeks to come. Here is a picture of Big Dave and Little Dave.

Christy, Machelle, and I ran 8 miles this morning. I think they ended up doing 12, but I only had time for 8. The first 4 miles were at 8:00 per mile and the last 4 were supposed to be at 6:00 per mile. We fell a little bit short of the goal on the faster 4 miles. The first two miles were right on pace, but we slowed down during the last two miles. At 6:00 a.m. it was already warm. It was hilly too which didn't help the cause any. It was still a good run.

We ran on a sidewalk this morning instead of the trail at the lake. The girls were getting quite a few people honking at them. I joked around: "I wonder why these people are honking at us? It must be my spiffy new shoes."

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Diane Muir said...

You know ... I'm a little concerned about you hanging out with all of these young chickadees! And, you're getting honks and hoots! Of course you are!