Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My One Word - 2016 Edition

The Hebrew word is דָּבָר or dabar. It appears 1,441 times in the Old Testament. In English it usually translates to word. But, many times it means to act.

To the original readers of the Hebrew Scriptures, saying something was doing something. To say the words: “I love you” or “I forgive you” or “I am not afraid” meant something more than audible words. The words just didn’t come from the mouth—but the mind and the heart. Great power existed in words. 

Today, words are as powerful as ever. In our words we simultaneously discover and create who we are. In our age of distraction and busyness and technology—nothing elicits emotion and provokes passion like words.

The Gospel of John starts with the phrase, “In the beginning was the Word.” It was an interesting word choice to describe God, but since God is the one who chose the word, we best pay attention. In the beginning was the speaker and the doer. God communicates to the hearers God creates. God never seems to get tired of speaking to us and acting on our behalf. 

John continues: “Then the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” The one who communicated love and life. The one who seeked, saved, and served.

A new year is upon us. For many of us, January goes something like this: You choose a dysfunctional behavior that plagues you and you vow to fix things or at least improve a little. So we make a New Year’s resolution or resolutions. Most are typically done by February. We fail again.

This Sunday we look at choosing a word. One word. It is something we will speak and act upon daily. So instead of making a pledge to lose five pounds and getting really discouraged when we gain five pounds…we choose a word like “health” and explore what that word means throughout the year. We give ourself grace along the way and becoming healthier throughout the year.

Abide, better, courageous, discipline, emerge, forgive, grace, hope, invest, joy, kind, love, move, near, open, present, quit, real, serenity, tolerant, understand, victory, walk, x-ray, yes, and zone. If you are wondering how x-ray can be a word—what if this year somebody explored (x-rayed) what was inside them? Who they really are and why they exist. Their fears and their dreams. It would be a really cool word. So many possibilities because words are so powerful. I look forward to hearing yours.

Happy New Year,


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Thanks for this Craig! Much appreciated.