Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Beyond Perfection

A prayer for those dealing with perfectionism. #PrayersFromTheWatersEdge

A good enough bridge at Platte River State Park

Dear God,

I deal with perfectionism. 
I worry about rejection from others.
I dread failure and not meeting expectations.
So I strive for perfection to avoid discomfort and dismissal.

My need for perfection or the appearance of perfection has become a cruel companion.

My days are filled with stress.
My nights are filled with anxiety

Tasks have become more important than people.
My quest for the perfect life has become more important than my quest for You,
   my perfect God.

I’m am so busy polishing my life so that others think
     I am more than I actually am 
     and I have more than what I actually have.

Plenty of people I didn’t meet
Thousands of things I didn’t try.
Oodles of opportunities I missed.

Remove me from the treadmill of perfectionism.
When others reject me, speak to me Your words of acceptance.
When I fail, teach me important lessons and help me get up, grow, and keep 

May I set goals and strive for excellence in a healthy way.
     Not based on the perceptions and opinions of others
     but developing myself to chase my dreams and desires.
Move me from an ambitious life to a life based on calling.
Set me free from the chains of fear and bless me with more faith.
Fill me with peace about who I am and who I am becoming.


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Unknown said...

This prayer made me cry. Amazing!