Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Beginnings

I ran this morning. It has been at least a week. I think I probably have run about six or seven times in three months. I don't know if the injury is gone, it feels pretty good, but I do know that I am out of shape.

Six miles. Very slow. Very difficult. Beautiful morning out though.

It's kind of like beginning (or rebeginning) life's journey with God. God accepts us where we are and loves us so much that God doesn't want to leave us where we are.

Today was tough. They were my first steps. But there will be better days to come. I fully believe I'll finish well in the Philadelphia Marathon in late November.

God has a better life for you. The future can be much better than today. With God's help, goals can be reached and dreams can be realized.

So whatever it is, start today, one step at a time.

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