Friday, May 2, 2008


For the next three Sunday mornings we will be looking at how to handle toxic people. Most of us have toxic people in our lives. When I polled the congregation last Sunday morning, close to 100% of the people raised their hands when I asked them if they had toxic people in their lives. It is interesting, only one person raised his hand when I asked a second question: "Are you a toxic person?" But I suspect that many of us may have at least a little toxicity in us.

The tulips outside our house this time of
year are not toxic at all.
Just beautiful.

Jesus dealt a lot with toxic people. The Scribes, Sadducees, and Pharisees were all pretty pretty toxic. The twelve disciples had their moments as well. Jesus dealt with them in a manner that was pure genius. We'll learn from Jesus how to deal with toxic religious people this weekend. Prayer is essential in dealing with toxic people. Next weekend, we'll learn four prayers we can pray that will help us relate better to toxic family members. The Proverbs are also very helpful in helping us handle toxic people. We'll explore that wisdom in a few weeks as we learn how to handle toxic people at work and in school.

Your thoughts are always welcome:

What makes people toxic?

How do we become less toxic?

How do we deal with people who are toxic?

What do you think...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've started posting again, I always get so much out of your thoughts and comments.
There are many reasons people are toxic from time to time but I think what makes them toxic as a rule rather than an exception is the inability to give up the hurtful, petty things of life. Toxic people, in my opinion, have allowed their circumstances to swallow them up, they've lost any "big picture" viewpoint they once had. Toxic people are commonly "me" focused.
Personally, when the stresses and trials of life begin to make me toxic I ask myself, "Is it really that important?" The answer is always no. The key is, you have to be self-aware and not self-involved or self-centered.

Craig Finnestad said...

Those are some very good insights. I really liked the part of not being self-centered, but being self-aware. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I find religious people to usually be the most toxic of all.

Why is that?

Craig Finnestad said...

Anonymous #2,

I don't disagree that religious people can be toxic. Jesus obviously thought that was the case as well. That's why I spoke about it last Sunday. One of my dreams is at the end of the three week series that many of us are a lot less toxic and a whole lot healthier.