Monday, May 19, 2008

We are Moving this Summer

We are moving again! At least for the summer.

We started off worshipping at Russell Middle School on September 10th, 2006. During the first year we more than doubled in size from about 110 worshippers to around 250 worshippers. We outgrew the space at Russell Middle School and moved to Millard West on September 16th, 2007. Again, we have steadily grown in our time here at Millard West. In recent weeks our worship attendance has been about 325 people per week. It has been a great joy to see existing people grow in the relationship with God and with others. It has been equally exciting to see new people worshipping with us, getting connected, and being enthusiastic about church.

I am surrounded by an outstanding group of leaders who are as committed to this ministry as I am. We have hundreds of volunteers who give so much time and energy to serving at The Water’s Edge. Over 150 people, on a weekly basis, are committing to growing as a follower of Christ by being part of a small group. We have recently implemented some new strategies and initiatives that are going to position us for more growth in the future. We now have two adult volunteer coordinators and two volunteer coordinators for our kid’s ministry. We are in the process of developing a more comprehensive strategy to follow up with our guests. Other things are in the works as well. If anybody would have told me 20 months ago, when we launched worship that we would be this far along, I would have told them that they were crazy. We are way ahead of schedule and I am so excited about the possibilities that the future holds for all of us.

One of the curveballs that was recently thrown at us is that Millard West will be remodeling much of their first floor this summer. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to worship at this location this summer. Russell will not be available this summer because of renovations that will be happening at that school as well. Both of these schools and the Millard Public Schools have been so welcoming and hospitable to us and we are so grateful for them. We look forward to returning to Millard West in August.

Starting on June 8th, we will be worshipping at Skutt High School for a few months. We had a team of people who unanimously chose Skutt as our summer location for a number of reasons. Mainly the look and feel of the worship experience and kid’s ministry will almost be exactly the same as it is here at Millard West.

Last summer we did something amazing for a worship service in the summer: we grew. With God’s help, I think we can do it again this summer.

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