Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Perfect Storm

It was snowing / sleeting this morning with a north wind. I still had a good run with Christy and Maureen. I ran 12 miles pretty slow and easy.

I got the weather forecast from the people in Boston today. The predicted conditions could not be any worse: 40 degrees at race time, heavy rains, and an east wind will be blowing at 25 miles per hour. Since the entire course is west to east, this means we will be running into a big wind with rain pounding our faces for 26.2 miles. This is a combination of the perfect storm and a really bad dream come true.

Genesis 35:10 -- “Your name is Jacob, but you will not be called Jacob any longer. From now on your name will be Israel.”

God gave Jacob a new name, Israel, which means "one who struggles with God." Although Jacob's life was littered with difficulties and trials, his new name was a tribute to his desire to stay close to God despite life's disappointments.

One could believe that claiming the name of Christ entitles one to a problem free life. Consequently, as life gets difficult, one draws back and is disappointed. Jacob gives us a better model. We should be determined to prevail with God through life's storms. Problems and difficulties are painful and inevitable; we may as well see them as opportunities for growth. We can't prevail with God unless we have troubles to prevail over.

So lookout last six miles, lookout hills, and lookout bad weather: I have trained for all of them. I am ready, with God's help, for the worst Boston has to offer.


Diane Muir said...

Ok ... so far I see for you excruciating pain and terrible weather. It's a good thing you're motivated for this! Good heavens! I'll bet it's really hard to believe the day is so close!

Anonymous said...

Okay I guess I will approach this topic from another angle...I will less impressed with the first person who crosses the finish line and more impressed with the first runner to ask "Who's dumb idea was it to run 26.2 miles in heavy rain and a head wind?"

Craig Finnestad said...

Diane --

When I come back with blisters and hypothermia, I may need grace on newsletter deadlines and all that kind of stuff. Basically I am trying to milk this bad weather thing for all it is worth.

Craig Finnestad said...

Lonnie --

You neglected to mention the 35 degree temperatures. For the first time in my life, I actually think I agree with you on something. This is pretty crazy.