Monday, April 2, 2007

I Got My Number

I Got My Number

I got my race number for Boston the other day: 2271. To track me during the race, simply go to on race day and type in my number. The face of the web site will change on race day and it will be clear how to track the runners. The race is two weeks from today: Monday, April 16th. I'll be in the first wave of runners, so my starting time is 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time. (Lonnie, to clarify, that is 9:00 a.m. here in Omaha -- so you may need to pull yourself out of bed a little earlier than usual.) My time will be updated every 5 kilometers. The goal is 2 hours and 50 minutes which is about 20 minutes per 5 kilometers.

The last two weeks of training for a marathon are the best. We don't run as far or as fast. I cut my normal long run on Monday down from 20 to 22 miles and just did 15.05 miles this morning. I ran with Maureen at Lake Zorinsky on a nearly perfect morning. We ran most miles between 7:30 and 7:40. Some were a little faster and some were a little slower.

Running is a lot like life when it comes to resting. To be at my best for 26.2 miles, my leg muscles need to be rested. To be at our best for the opportunities of life, we need proper rest as well. Rest is defined as peace, ease, or refreshment resulting from sleep or the cessation of an activity. Peace, ease, and refreshment are all nice, aren't they? I know when I am at my best as a parent, husband, pastor, friend, child of God--it is when I have balance in life. A big part of that balance is rest and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Here is a picture of David getting some rest a little bit ago. Notice his smile / laugh as I must have caught him in the middle of a dream.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Craig! Thanks for clearing that up for me! You know, that "new math" boggles my mind! Oh, and one more little mystery you could clear up for me: When there are motorized wonders all around us, why would anyone in their right mind run 26 miles unless they were on fire or being chased? Is that it? Do they let loose a pack of wild boar at the starting line for motivation? :-)

Craig Finnestad said...


There are hundreds of comedians out of work and it appears that you are trying to be one.

You ask a very good question about why anyone in their right mine would run 26.2 miles. I have never been on fire and generally am not chased all that much either. If you can find a marathon runner in his or her right mind; you may find the answer.