Thursday, March 3, 2016

Daily Morning and Evening Prayer

Here is my attempt at two prayers to be prayed early in the morning and late in the evening. This pattern of prayers seeks to honor an ancient and sacred tradition where followers of Christ seek to give the first and last moments each day to God. I encourage you to take a few minutes daily and pray them consistently for a few weeks. Be open to what God is wanting to do in you and through you.

For the Start of a New Day

Dear God,

It is a new day. One You have made.
I am so grateful for this life You are giving me!
Let me see today’s possibilities. 
Fill me with faith and joy.

I pray for focus when You want me to be still.
I pray for patience when things don’t go my way.
I pray for courage when You lead me to be bold.
I pray for forgiveness when I make mistakes.

When life gets to be too much – refresh me with Your grace.
When I face challenges and decisions – instruct me with Your wisdom.

Make it clear when I should listen and when I should speak.
Bless me with opportunities to serve, to grow, and to love. Let me be a blessing to others.
May my life today reflect Your goodness.


For the End of a Day

Dear God, 

The sky is dark and night has arrived. 
I’m tired. I come seeking sleep. 
Bless me with rest for my soul, mind, and body. 
During these quiet hours, restore me to peace and harmony. 

I thank You for today. 
   For Your provision of my physical needs. 
   For the people I share life with. 
   For the trials that are making me stronger. 
   For everybody and everything I take for granted. 
   And, for Your grace and Your presence in my life. 

As I lay down I give myself to You. 
   I give You my failures. Teach me to learn and help me keep moving forward.
   I give You my fears. Erase the worries from my mind. Help me be brave.
   I give You my hurts. Heal me and make me new again.
   I give You my dreams. Align my vision for life with Your will. 

In peace I lay down to sleep, for you alone will keep me safe. –Psalm 4:8 
You will watch over me and won’t slumber or sleep. –Psalm 121:4 
Prepare me for tomorrow. 



Ginny B said...

Thank you so much for these!

Marsha said...

Thank you. <><