Friday, March 11, 2016

An Update from the Building Team

I have some news from the building team. The team has been working closely with our architect, BCDM, since January. We close all our meetings by praying together. And before that the last item for discussion is: What do we need to communicate to the congregation? Here are the communication items from this week’s meeting.

1. The primary task of our meetings and discussions has been developing and finalizing the schematic design of the building. The master plan gave us a general picture. The schematic design will provide the details. It has been a great process so far and I’m excited for you to see the results. We are hoping to have the schematic design completed by May 1st.

2. The team will be interviewing three construction companies the next month. Are firms are local and come highly recommended. The interviews should be complete by mid-April and we are aiming to have the construction company hired by May 1st. 

3. The team is considering two options for our phase one construction. The two options are nearly identical with two exceptions: Option 2 has a larger gathering area and a large group area for children. Many in the church felt these two items were critical for the future success of The Water’s Edge. Your building team has listened. Both options will be priced. Costs and benefits will be considered. Our church leadership is committed to not going in to debt to a degree that our ministries will be adversely impacted. 

4. The most common question the team is getting is: “When will we break ground?” At this time, the building team does not know when we will break ground. We are hoping to have a response to this question by May 1st. Currently the team is working on zoning and other permits with the city of Omaha, finishing the schematic design, and finalizing a loan with our lender.

5. We are also hearing the question: “Will Pastor Craig’s sabbatical slow down the building process?” At this time, my renewal leave shouldn’t have any effect on the timeline for the building project. We are working hard to complete many items by May 1st, so my sabbatical might actually help expedite things a bit!

What can you do?

1. Pray. Pray hard and often. This is an amazing project and will be a blessing to us and out city. 

2. Keep your pledge current for the From the Ground Up Campaign. If you haven’t made a pledge yet, I would be happy to talk to you! Additional gifts at this point would be a huge blessing.

3. Ask questions and share ideas. Ron Christensen, our business administrator, is a great resource. Any of the eight people on the building team are happy to listen and respond. I always welcome conversations too!

The best is yet to come…


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