Saturday, October 10, 2009

Market to Market Relay 2009

The day started off in snowy, congested, and windy mess. It was cold, but turned out to be a decent day. 160 teams ran from Omaha to Lincoln in the Market to Market Relay.

First leg

4.5 miles

5:44 (big uphill - a little ambitious!)

It was on a slushy gravel road.

Second Leg

The stage was supposed to be 3.58 miles. I got just over three miles on the Garmin. This was my better of the two runs today.


We had a blast. Four men and four women. Thanks Mike, John, Michael, Heather, Laura, Abby, and Anna for hanging out all day and doing some awesome running. Thanks Nicole for keeping us organized. We were in third place overall and leading the fourth place team by over ten minutes until the runner on our last leg got lost on a trail transition. :( Very frustrating but that is the way things happen sometime. He ran an extra 2.5 miles and we ended up getting passed by two teams and ended up in fifth place. Laura also ran an extra 2.4 miles on her leg and Vance had a little detour too -- so we totaled over 91 miles on an 86 mile race. We averaged 6:00 per mile for the 91 miles.

Can't wait to do it again next year.

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