Monday, May 11, 2009

A Little Bit About Few Things


Wow. We almost had 500 people in worship yesterday. If you include kids, we had well over 500 people. This is 200 more people than last year at this time, 300 more people than two years ago, and about 500 more people than three years ago. We had a great worship experience as we celebrated Mother's Day and talked about what the Bible says about healthy relationships. It is so exciting to see God working in people's lives!


I started praying for five individuals / families per week in the church this week. I have asked them to share prayer requests with me. I will pray for them for one week. I am excited about this ministry. Over the course of a year I will get the opportunity to pray specifically for 260 individuals / families.


Benjamin got to play goalie tonight at his soccer game. It was the first time he has ever played that position. He stopped a few shots and played his hardest. After the game he said he was a little nervous. I was a little nervous too. We were all proud of him!

Paint and Clean Windows

I painted the trim on the front of the house today and also washed the windows. A seven year old son, a two year old son, and a giant dog make life joyful, but also complicated, especially when it comes to cleaning and painting. I have nothing either spiritual or insightful to report about this. It was relaxing and I did it because I knew it would make Amber happy. So maybe it was spiritual. Sabbath and serving. I still don't know about insightful. I couldn't have asked for a better day though.


I had a great meal tonight with a small group from the church. They were celebrating their completion of Disciple Bible Study. I served them communion. The host family served boiled shrimp, potatoes, cabbage, onion, and carrots. It was a great time and great food.

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Jennifer @ said...

My goal now is convince my husband that washing windows is an act of worship.

Sounds like an awesome weekend. And clearly, the Spirit is on the move in your corner of the world.