Monday, November 30, 2015

Prayer for Those Going Through Transition

Transitions in life are something we all go through. Many times and in many ways. Here is a prayer I wrote this morning for people going through transition.

Dear God,

Transition happens in life.

Sometimes I choose change. 
Sometimes change is chosen for me.
Sometimes it is predictable. 
Sometimes it is totally unexpected.

Transition is happening in my life.

I am taking an exit and looking for the next entrance.
I am saying goodbye to people or to normal or to a stage of life.
I am not sure what I should do or where I should go.
I don’t even know my next step or the step after that.

Be present with me in the time of transition.

I move into this new season of life with both excitement and anxiety – I need You.
Help me heal from any hurts.
Let me be grateful to You for the people who have shaped and formed me.
Thank You for the many life experiences that have brought me to where I am.

Lead me and guide me in this season of transition.

Saturate my life with grace so that I may mend, enjoy, and dream.
Shape my mind with wisdom so that I may grow.
Fill me with courage so that I don’t let fear limit my future.
Bless me with friends who will walk with me as I move forward in life.

Transition me from where I am to where You want me to be.



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