Saturday, November 14, 2015

Prayer for Peace

I wrote this a number of years ago after the shootings a school in Connecticut. I just changed one word from the original. I hope you find it helpful.

Dear God,

In places like Somalia and Sudan – Syria and Paris
Bullets fly - Children die - Parents cry
Give us Your peace

Broken hearts. Lives too short. Fear of life and fear of death.

Give us Your peace

Tears fall down our cheeks like rain from the sky
Knots in our stomachs and sleepless nights
Worries about tomorrow competes for space in our minds with regrets from the past
Give us Your peace

Restlessness, impatience, annoyances, intolerance, frustration, and anger
They fill our lives like melted snow floods a fragile river
Give us Your peace

Prince of Peace – Take our burdens and give us rest.
Wonderful Counselor – Show us the way to peace.

Through the deepest valleys. In the darkest places. During the times we are alone.
Show us the way to peace

Peace with You
Peace with others
Peace with the world
And peace with ourselves
Give us Your peace

Dysfunction, dismay, and despair – They exist in the world.
But You have overcome the world
Help us to be overcomers who embrace Your peace

We give You our fears
Our hearts are no longer troubled because of Your peace

You are God and Your peace surpasses all understanding
Guard our hearts and our minds                                                  
Teach us once again that Your presence is greater than our struggles.
Give us Your peace.



Unknown said...

I really love this prayer you wrote. You can write Craig. You can write!

Carol Hansen said...

It's very touching. Thank you for sharing!