Saturday, May 30, 2015


This Sunday is a big day at The Water’s Edge. We are going to kick off #WE100Days. Paul’s letters contain 100 chapters. We are going to read these 100 chapters in 100 days. These are some of the most amazing words ever written. 

He talks about grace and forgiveness.
He gives us the best description ever for love.
He teaches us how to get along with each other.
He teaches us how to pray.
How to get past our past.
How to live and how to die. 

I’m praying this summer God does amazing things in us and through us. Here is how to participate:


One chapter a day. It takes a few minutes. The daily reading is on our app. Or you can use your own Bible. Try to write one simple application from your daily reading.


A short devotion written by a person from The Water’s Edge will be posted to the app each day. Take a few minutes to read it. Share another person’s experience with the Scripture you are reading.


Each week will have a prayer focus and a prayer in our weekly devotional guide. Start there. Then pray for others. Prayer for your needs and direction. Spend time listening to God.


A study guide will be distributed in worship. They will also be published on our web site. Each guide will have questions for reflection to help you grow. You are encouraged to reflect individually, with a friend, with your family, or in a small group.


We will be covering one of the seven chapters for the upcoming week in worship. Fifteen different topics over fifteen different weeks. Some weeks you will be comforted. Other weeks you will be challenged. If you miss our Sunday morning services—worship with us on Sunday evenings at the ministry center at six o’clock.

Social Media

Participate in our photo a week challenge. Use #WE100Days to share your thoughts and pictures. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for resources and information. 

I look forward to sharing #WE100Days with you!

The best is yet to come…


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