Thursday, April 9, 2015

Relationshipology Prayer

Dear God,

I’m grateful for the relationships – past and present – that have brought joy to my life.
     For people who have invested in me.
     For friends who look past my faults.
     For strangers who have shown me kindness.

I thank You for the examples of how to relate to others.
     Forgiving those who have offended.
     Giving compassion to those who are hurting.
     Giving grace to those who simply don’t deserve.                 

Let me relate to others like You relate to all.
     Slow to anger and full of steadfast love.
     Patient and kind and not envious or proud or rude.
     Willing to give myself for my friends.

I need more of You in my life so that I may have more of others in my life.
     For the times I have failed and the people I have hurt – I ask your 
     For the areas I need to grow – I ask for Your wisdom.
     For the grace to speak and act like You – I ask for Your strength.

I want to be a blessing to my friends, my family, and all people.
     Let my thoughts be pure and holy.
     Let my words flow from a heart that is being transformed by You.
     Let my actions imitate the love, servanthood, and character of Christ.

I seek healing and wholeness with those closest to me and those I relate to regularly.
     Where I have messed up, let me seek reconciliation and receive mercy.
     Where I have been offended, let me offer forgiveness and grace.
     Give me the strength to listen, learn, and love.

Make me a new creation. 
     I’m grateful You have always loved me even when I have been unlovable.
     I’m thankful You have given me the example and the friendship of Jesus 
     Grow my relationships with You and with others.


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