Friday, January 2, 2015

Things I Am Praying For in 2015: Church Edition

Here is what I am praying for in 2015 for The Water’s Edge. I invite you to join me.

1. For more and better prayer. Starting with me. I want to listen to God more. I want to seek God’s direction better. I want to intercede for others more. I want to experience God more deeply. I dream of all our families praying together. I’m praying for deeper prayers in our small groups and before, during, and after our worship experiences. I want us to be a church who relentlessly pursues God.

2. For new small groups. Small groups were essential to the early church and to the early Methodist movement. Small groups are a large part of who WE are and are a blessing to hundreds of our people. I am praying for new small group leaders to emerge who will start new small groups with excitement and purpose. 

3. For each of us to invest in the lives of others outside the church and invite them to be part of our church family. For all of us to share our faith with at least one person in 2015.

4. For our impact in Omaha and the world. We do so much locally and internationally to help hurting people. My prayer is that each of us embraces serving as a lifestyle and that our church seizes new opportunities to be Christ to the world.

5. For our worship experiences to grow in depth. Everything from the teaching to the liturgy to the music to the media to the sacraments. I want us all to leave knowing we encountered God and that God has equipped us.

6. For the master plan for our property. I pray this plan honors God and serves the community. I pray the work and the outcome unifies and ignites the people of The Water’s Edge.

7. For our capital campaign. This campaign will be our biggest challenge in the history of our church. Also, our biggest opportunity. It won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile is. I pray we resource the construction of church facilities that will be a gathering place for thousands of people to worship, serve, learn, grow, and connect for generations to come.

8. For our children and student ministries. I pray for faith development for my kids and for your kids. I pray we inspire and empower the next generation. I pray for all who are investing their time, energy, and resources in our children.

9. For our city and its people. We exist for God and for them. I pray God uses us to love our city into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

10. For our people. I pray God comforts us, challenges us, heals us, helps us, meets us where we are, and leads us where He wants us to go. I pray we all grow together in faith, hope, and love.

The best is yet to come…


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