Thursday, October 9, 2014

Prayer for Purpose

Dear God,

I come to You as tired.
I am unfocused and out of balance.
Sometimes life just feels like it is just a little too much.

Give me rest. Rest for my body and rest for my soul.
Center me. Bless me with harmony and order.
On the difficult days—fill me with Your Holy Spirit.

I come to You as bored.
I am lacking fulfillment and purpose.
Sometimes I just want more out of life.

Give me passion for You and passion for people.
Break my heart for the things that break Your heart.
In times of apathy—fill me with Your Holy Spirit.

I come to You as trapped.
I am attached to lesser things and habits.
Sometimes I just long to be free.

Give me independence from attachments and dependence on You.
Prune things that are getting in the way of my relationship with You.
During times of imprisonment—fill me with Your Holy Spirit.

I pray for Sabbath.

Times and places to rest and reflect and renew.
Times and places to listen to Your voice.
Times and places to focus and center.

I pray for Purpose.

A life filled with joy and contentment.
A life instructed and inspired by You.
A life that serves You and Your children.

I pray for Freedom.

A life not hindered by addictions or compulsions.
A life with nothing between me and You.
A life of opportunity made possible because of Your grace.


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