Friday, September 5, 2014

Declutter and Focus

Simple: Free of complications and clutter 

Simplifying means eliminating the unnecessary and urgent so we can focus on the necessary and enjoy the important. Many of us can’t focus on the necessary and enjoy the important because our lives are simply too complicated. Eliminate clutter. Eliminate it in your garage, your closet, your office, and your kitchen. And eliminate it in your finances, your relationships, your minds, and your spirituality.

Complicated: Containing intricately combined or involved parts. 
Clutter: A confused or disordered state or collection.

Complicated and cluttered lives prevent us from doing the necessary and enjoying the important. We can choose complicated and cluttered or we can choose to de-complicate and de-clutter so that we can spend our time, energy, and resources doing the things we want to do with the people we want to do them with. 

De-complicating and de-cluttering is simple, but not easy. It means discovering and indentifying what and who is most important and then eliminating everything else. The simple part is discovering and identifying. The not easy part is eliminating.

Just say a simple, “Yes, I will,” or “No, I won’t.” –Jesus in Matthew 5:37 

Jesus was aware of the power of saying “no”. His aim in life was not to please people. His aim in life was loving God and loving people. 

Saying “no” is essential to eliminating complication and clutter. Saying “yes” to the unimportant and unnecessary is essentially saying “no” to the important. The best has become cluttered and complicated by the average, the mediocre, and even the good. All of us need to say “no” to various habits, things, and people: Maybe it’s television, anger, consumerism, smart phones, over-committing our time and energy, lust, social media, co-dependent relationships, unhealthy relationships, gadgets, materialism, selfishness, unresolved conflict, debt, image management, unfulfilled dreams, addictions, regrets, failures, unforgiveness, guilt, and low self-esteem.

“Purity of heart is to will one thing.” -Sören Kierkegaard 

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. –Jesus in Matthew 6:33 

Complications and clutter can also prevent us from experiencing or more fully experiencing God’s grace. We believe the constant barrage of messages the world sends us about happiness rather than trusting in God’s provision of joy. We confuse idle busyness with God’s purposes and eternal significance. We strive to be self-sufficient instead of dependent upon God. We seek God’s creation instead of God Himself. 

De-complicate. De-clutter. Focus. Enjoy. Relate. Live. Love. 

By de-complicating and de-cluttering, the best is yet to come… 


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