Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day of School

I was talking to a person in the church who is sending their youngest child off to college next week. Definitely a transition for them and for the child. I spoke to a woman this morning whose youngest daughter started high school today. Another pretty big transition. As we dropped Benjamin off, I couldn't help but notice the families dropping off their children to Kindergarten. The PTA had tissue and coffee for the them. Big changes in the lives of these families. Transition can mean progress. Life will always change. And change isn't always bad, but it is always different.

Benjamin's first day of school wasn't one of the bigger transitions in life. He is in second grade now. He wasn't thrilled about going, but reported that the day "wasn't too bad." I'll miss having him around, playing with him, and taking him to the church. But he'll learn more about math, reading, and his favorite class -- science. He'll learn skills on socialization, music, art, and other things that second graders learn. Hopefully he will continue to realize that the world is a wonderful place with opportunities for him to love and serve and share. Life has changed again, but somehow I know that life won't only be different. It will be better.

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