Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Prayer for Lent

The season of Lent starts on Wednesday. I encourage you to pray this prayer in the days leading up to Easter. It’s a long prayer. Maybe focus on a few lines per day. I pray Lent is a time of development and growth for all of us.

Dear God,

It is Lent. A season of renewal. 
Days of reflection. Nights of replenishment. 
Weeks of repairing and refocusing. Ending in a day of resurrection and rebirth.

Grant me discipline. 
Discipline to be faithful. 
Discipline to hunger for Your Word.
Discipline to thirst for conversation and quiet time with You.
Discipline to love what You love and to love like You love.
Teach me again that discipline yields a rich harvest of grace and peace.
Remove any obstacles between us and move me closer to You. 

Bless me with repentance.
To turn away from anything that distances me from You.
To turn from lust to love.
To turn from fear to freedom.
To turn from jealousy to justice.
To turn from selfishness to service.
To turn from haughtiness to humility.
To turn from gluttony and greed to goodness and grace.
To turn from doubting and depression to depending fully on You.
To turn from worshipping counterfeit gods to worshipping You.
Help me repent of my sins and turn to You, so that my sins are wiped away.

Remind me of my mortality.
I was created from dust and to dust I shall return.
My time in the world You have created is limited.
Help me make the most of it.
Let Your dreams for me by my dreams for me.
Make my purposes clear. Give me a passion for my purposes. 
And let me know that this world is not my permanent home.
Your Kingdom and Your heart is my true and eternal dwelling place.

You are faithful to me. 
Recreate me in Your image so I am faithful to You and others.
Do something in me during this season.
Do something small and do something big.
And as You do something in me; do something through me.
Bless me and a make me a blessing to others and to the world.
Let me experience the resurrection of Christ.
Resurrect me. Give me a rebirth. Raise me to new levels of life.


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