Thursday, January 7, 2016

Prayer for a More Simple Life

Dear God,

My world is complex. Too complex.

I deal with details and dollars.
A full calendar and an empty tank of energy.
My relationships are cluttered and complicated.
I face daily distractions and difficult decisions.

Give me faith to trust in Your words and Your ways.
Teach me to practice Sabbath so that I may rest, reflect, and be renewed.
Guide me to give You my burdens so that I may experience Your peace.
May I stop trying to earn approval and start living under Your acceptance.

Train me to sit and speak and listen to You.
Give me imagination about who I can become.
Lead my actions so that I focus on the most important priorities.
Shape my character. I want to be more like You.

I struggle with patience. Bless me with humility and tolerance.
I chase money and possessions. Fill me with fulfillment and contentment.
I often feel scattered and stuck. Move me forward with focus.
I deal with loneliness and isolation. Connect me to others and to You.

I have made myself too complex. Restore me to simplicity.


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