Monday, December 1, 2014

A Prayer for Loneliness

Here is yesterday's prayer:

Dear God,

I feel alone. 
My heart hurts.
Sometimes it seems nobody understands me.
Sometimes it seems nobody really cares about me.

I feel lonely when I am alone. 
I feel lonely when I am with others. 
Sometimes it seems my family and friends don’t get me. 
Sometimes it seems I can’t communicate well with others. 

I am grateful for those who love me. 

Bless me with life-giving relationships. 
Relationships where I am listened to and supported. 
Relationships where I can share and be shared with. 
Relationships where I can love and be loved. 
Relationships where others will tell me that everything will be okay. 

May I build bridges and not walls. 
Remove distrust, selfishness, and stubbornness from my life. 
Help me to trust, serve, and be compassionate. 
Let me do my part in creating healthy relationships. 

Thank You for listening to me. 
Thank You for understanding me. 
Thank You for Your patience. 
Thank You for Your presence. 

Invade my life. 
Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. 
Take away my loneliness. 
Replace my emptiness with the fullness of Your love. 

Fill my heart with hope. 
Make me hungry and thirsty for more of You. 
Help me to draw nearer and closer to You. 
Reveal Yourself more fully to me. 

May I relate to others more and better. 
May I love myself because You loved me first. 
May I find times and spaces to love and be loved by You. 
May I experience the fullness of life through Your grace. 


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