Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ikea and Food

The day before the marathon is one of my favorites because it involves lots of food. We woke up and ate pancakes courtesy of my sister Anne (I had six of them). After that Amber and I went to the Expo, picked up my race number, and bought a few things. Amber requested that we save plenty of time for a pilgrimage to Ikea. We started off with lunch. I ate 15 Swedish meatballs, three steamed potatoes, and a slice of pie. We made our way through the massive furniture store with thousands of other people and left the store with a couple hundred less dollars in our checking account. We made a pit stop at Cold Stone Creamery on the way back to my sisters. Hung out there for the rest of the night and enjoyed chicken, pasta, and apple crisp for supper. Finished the day by watching Nebraska get crushed by Missouri 41-6. Ouch.

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